Онлайн-выставка «You are Here» от KATMAPPED

Обновлено: авг. 4

12 ноября запустилась международная онлайн-выставка «You are Here», посвященной интерпретации концепции "карт" и "картографирования" в искусстве. В выставке участвуют 50 художников.

В проекте участвует плакат "Москва XXI". Выставка проходит на сайте И в instagram

Кураторы: James Stewart, a Devon-based artist, and Kate Trafeli, a London-based artist, are the co-curators for @katmapped. James Stewart Kate Trafeli NOW ON: "You Are Here” is the first online exhibition organised the @katmapped collaborative, opening mid November 2020 Close to 400 submissions were received from artists around the world as part of this open call. We exhibit here the 50 artists selected for this inaugural show. This exhibition explores how the concept of maps and mapping, internal and external, has informed living artists works and thoughts. To make this initiative accessible to all, there were no fees collected to enter the 'You Are Here' open call nor to participate in the exhibition: it has been created by artists, for artists.